Nick Buchanan

Owner and lead visionary, Nick Buchanan has developed a wide variety of residential, commercial, and mixed-use projects in California, Colorado, and Hawaii.


With thorough analysis, a vision of the site’s future use, and an understanding of its potential, Cape Point acquires the best sites for new developments.


By building valuable relationships with city officials and community leaders, Cape Point successfully obtains approvals in municipalities that are often considered challenging.


Finding a balance of land, materials, experiences, and marketing, Cape Point successfully renovates or reimagines sites to meet their greatest potential by finding harmony in design, materials, user-experience, and the surrounding area.

Construction Management

Cape Point is able to productively manage the construction phase of their sites by thoroughly planning, organizing, and working with the best construction partners in the business.

Cape Point Development

A thoughtful, innovative real estate development company, managed by experienced professionals working to repurpose and enhance urban infill properties.

Our company understands that in order to be a leader in the industry, we must be mindful of local preferences, sensitivities, and historical narratives. Our voice is heard in the urban, mixed-use, residential, and commercial space where supply is traditionally constrained.

Being nimble and scalable enables Cape Point Development to pursue opportunities that are often overlooked. We seek collaboration at the most fundamental level to find basic agreement between communities, stakeholders, and future owners.


We endeavor to find locations that allow us to enhance the land while being mindful of local community preferences. An acute respect for the land drives us to enhance the surrounding environment in an artistic expression of craftsmanship and luxury while bringing new value and amenities to the area.
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